PreAlgebra (8th Grade) Curriculum Map

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 8th Grade Math Curriculum - With CCSS (PDF)

Unit 1 - Real Numbers and Exponents (The Number System)

1-1 Rational Numbers
1-2 Operations with Rational Numbers
1-3 Converting Fractions and Decimals
1-4 Identifying Irrational Numbers
1-5 Properties of Irrational Numbers
1-6 Comparing and Ordering Irrational Numbers on a Number Line
1-7 Evaluation and Approximation of Square and Cube Roots
1-8 Negative Exponents
1-9 Negative Exponent Operations
1-10 Scientific Notation
1-11 Operations with Numbers in Scientific Notation

Unit 2 - Expressions and Equations

2-1 Solving Equations with Variables on Both Sides
2-2 Solving Equations with Distributive Property
2-3 Solving Equations by Combining Like Terms
2-4 Solutions of Linear Equations
2-5 Creating Linear Equations
2-6 Expressions with Radicals Exponents
2-7 Expressions with Integer Exponents
2-8 Solving Exponential Equations

Unit 3 - Linear and Functional Relationships (Functions)

3-1 Intro to Functions/Graphing and Writing a Function Rule
3-2 Graphing Functions
3-3 Linear or Non Linear Functions
3-4 Exploring Linear Functions
3-5 Equations of Linear Functions
3-6 Graphs of Linear Functions
3-7 Tables of Linear Functions
3-8 Increasing, Decreasing, Max and Min
3-9 Interpret the Rate of Change
3-10 Contextualizing Function Qualities
3-11 Sketching a Piecewise Function

Unit 4 - Systems of Linear Equations

4-1 Graphing with Slope - Intercept Form
4-2 Solving Systems by Graphing
4-3 Solving Systems Using Substitution
4-4 Solving Systems Using Elimination
4-5 Solving Systems via Inspection
4-6 Applications of Systems of Linear Equations

Unit 5 - Patterns and Bivariate Data (Statistics)

5-1 Constructing Scatter Plots
5-2 Analyzing Scatter Plots
5-3 Linear or Nonlinear Correlation
5-4 The Line of Best Fit
5-5 Constructing a Two-Way Tables
5-6 Interpret a Two-Way Tables

Unit 6 - Congruency and Similarity

6-1 Identifying Transformations
6-2 Constructing Rotations/Properties of Rotations
6-3 Constructing Reflections/Properties of Reflections
6-4 Constructing Translations/Properties of Translations
6-5 Constructing Dilatations/Properties of Dilatations
6-6 Identifying a Series and Determining Congruence or Similarity
6-7 The Sum of Angles in a Triangle
6-8 Similar Triangles
6-9 Parallel Lines Cut by a Transversal

Unit 7 - Geometry

7-1 Pythagorean Theorem and its Converse
7-2 2D Applications of Pythagorean Theorem
7-3 3D Applications of Pythagorean Theorem
7-4 Pythagorean Theorem and Distance Between Points in a Coordinate System
7-5 Volume of Cylinders, Cones, and Spheres
7-6 Solving for a Missing Dimension
7-7 Volume of Composite Shapes

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